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Best Diet Plans to Lose Weight Fast

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If you need to shed some pounds for a special event or to kick start a weight loss plan, you want the best diet plans to lose weight fast while still staying healthy.

Never try to starve yourself or use harsh drugs or extreme methods to lose weight no matter how quickly you need to drop some pounds. Always follow a healthy diet plan so you not only protect your health but keep those pounds off for good!

Atkins, South Beach, and low-carb diets

Low-carb diets are some of the best diet plans to lose weight fast because they cut out carbohydrates without cutting out all foods you need to stay healthy. A good low-carb diet will include lots of lean protein to keep you filled up and to feed your muscles.

These plans are also high in vegetables and natural oils and these have the vitamins and essential minerals you need to protect your health. Oils will also keep your skin healthy and keep you hydrated.

Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig quick start programs

These types of programs are beneficial because they emphasize cutting your calories while still filling up on healthy foods. You may learn to eat foods that are lower in calories so you keep your weight off for good, and when you cut your calories you lose weight quickly.

These plans don’t encourage starving yourself but just cutting out foods higher in calories while filling up on healthier foods such as vegetables and whole grains.

Protein shakes

Store-bought shakes may be high in calories and not really good choices for meal substitution, but if you make up your own protein shakes you can lose weight fast. These are the best diet plans to lose weight fast if you add healthy ingredients to your shakes.

Choose a whey protein powder and use almond or soy milk as these have fewer calories and less fat than dairy milk. Add just a teaspoon of peanut butter and a cup of oatmeal for a filling meal.

Remember that you always want to have a healthy number of calories when you’re trying to lose weight even if you want to lose weight fast.

It’s also good to drink copious amounts of water to flush out toxins and make you feel full. This will ensure you lose the weight you want without damaging your health.

3 Unusual Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

diet plan

Despite strictly adhering to unsavory diets, powering through strenuous workouts, and diligently planning out your entire meals, you might not be getting closer to your fitness goals.

Even when you are doing all the right things and your initial weight loss triumphs have screeched to a halt, it may b a cause for frustration and gnawing exasperation.

Although the reason could boil down to many factors and may require a serious change of lifestyle to fix, here are 3 unusual reasons why you are not losing weight:

You are Stressed Out

Stress is a silent killer, especially when it comes to losing weight. While stress is unavoidable in the hassles of our breakneck pace of life, it wreaks havoc on our fitness dreams. Your body construes stress as a fight or flight action and triggers the secretion of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Cortisol degrades muscle tissue and augments the storage of fat unflatteringly, especially around the midsection. Enhanced cortisol levels have been linked to severe health debilities, more detrimental than a few pounds around the waist. Not many people know this is among the unusual reasons why you are not losing weight.

When you are stressed out, you tend to gravitate more towards comfort foods and binge on junk food because Cortisol is a hunger stimulant and induces yearning for a Carb-loaded fare. In addition, Cortisol also triggers the production of a brain chemical, called Neuropeptide Y, which enhances your cravings for unhealthy fats.

Practice relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to calm your overstretched nerves and ward off stress so you can overcome one of the major unusual reasons why you are not losing weight.

You Are Sleep Deprived

An occasional bout of tossing and turning nights is usual but the problem comes to light when you are suffering from chronic insomnia. Sleep deprivation curbs the production of hormone Ghrelin, Which supports your immune system, checks appetite, encourages fat loss, and enhances the health of your organs.

Lack of sleep also triggers excess production of the hormone, Leptin, which augments appetite and makes you consume more calories the day after.

It may vary from person to person, but gleaning 7 to 9 hours of sleep is imperative for realizing your fitness goals. So, do your best to fight off sleep deprivation, as it is among the unusual reasons why you are not losing weight.

You are Not Drinking Enough Water

Although you are drilled with all the benefits that water lends to your body, you might not be drinking it enough. While drinking a pint of water before meals fill you up and inhibits your appetite, there are a plethora of other benefits involved.

Your kidneys are hampered when you are dehydrated and this results in your body turning to the liver for extra support. The liver is responsible for the metabolism of fats but it can’t perform its function efficiently when it is also burdened with cleansing the body of toxins and free radicals.

As a result, consumed fats are stored instead of being burned to produce energy, which makes it one of the unusual reasons why you are not losing weight.

Fad diets constitute a myriad high fiber grub and if you are not drinking enough water alongside, you could become constipated. Fiber is a bulking agent that aids peristalsis and pushes the food down the gut, but in the absence of water, it gets stuck in your intestine and induces a feeling of bloating and lethargy.

A healthy adult should aspire to drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day.

Best Diet Plans to Lose Weight Fast

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