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Diabetes Diet Plan

Diabetes Diet Plan

Diabetes is rightly called the slow killer as it eats the body from within making you weak and vulnerable to many diseases. However by following a healthy lifestyle and balanced diabetic diet plan one can control diabetes to a great extent.

However proper exercise along with a healthy diabetes diet is a must. Here are some of the simple diabetes diets which you can incorporate in your daily eating to give you relief from this slow killer:

  • Lots of whole grains, millets, and other foods rich in fiber should be included in the diet of the patients suffering from diabetes. Even if one wants to have pasta then it must be accompanied by sprouts to compensate for the increase in cholesterol.
  • Milk helps to a great extent in reducing blood sugar levels. Two times intake of milk in a day not only meets your proteins needs but is an ideal diet for diabetes
  • Including pulses and foods rich in fiber in your diet. It helps to regulate blood glucose levels and thus gives relief in case of diabetes.
  • Fats good for the body like MUFA and OMEGA 3 should be consumed. These fats are not harmful to the body instead do good to the body and helps reduced sugar levels in the blood.

If you are wondering whether there are some sumptuous recipes for diabetes patients then voila you have just hit the jackpot.

Let us look at some of the diabetes diet recipes:

Baked Tortilla Chips

Diabetes Diet Plan

A popular snack in Mexico it is quick and very easy to make. Tortillas are made with minimum oil using wheat and maize flour. Thus it is oil-free and light on the body. These are unlike the traditional tortillas which were deep-fried. This is suitable for diabetes patients. Whole wheat flour has been especially used keeping in mind diabetes patients

Aubergine Au gratin

Diabetes Diet Plan

The name says it all. It is a dish that is covered with a creamy layer of healthy sauce mixed with whole wheat bread crumbs and mozzarella cheese. This dish is normally considered to be rich in fat hence harmful but the use of whole wheat bread crumbs and other foods rich in fiber customizes this dish diabetes-friendly dish. Indulge yourself in this heavenly baked dish which is both tasty and healthy.

Brown Bread

Diabetes Diet Plan

Brown bread is a healthy replacement for white bread. Not only does it has high vitamin B content but also has loads and loads of fiber content making it ideal for diabetes patients. It helps prevent cardiovascular disease, constipation, and cancer. Thus more and more people are making a switch from white bread to brown bread. Thus adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore we see that diabetes patients should not think that being diabetic patients their options to eat a variety of food is closed. There are a lot of food options for such patients which are both lip-smacking as well as very healthy. Diabetes is a serious disease and if neglected over a period of time it can be catastrophic.

Thus it has to be noted that a proper lifestyle is very necessary to curb this disease. There are a lot of myths associated with this disease that should be removed and clear facts should be established and followed. Happy Healthy Life!

Diabetes Diet Plan

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