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Extreme Weight Loss Methods

extreme weight loss

So how far would you go to shed off some extra pounds? With more and more pressure from the society to lose weight and the stigma that surrounds individuals with “extra fat”, a lot of people [read: weight losers] are turning to dangerous, extreme weight loss methods.

From stapling your stomach to taking appetite oppressing pills people are willing to try it all. Although the methods are such a bad choice, you can get educated on extreme measures.

Extreme, Shocking Ways of Losing Weight – Are They Really Worth It?

Stomach Stapling

It is quite disturbing, the mental picture that you get from just thinking about your stomach being stapled. Stomach stapling is an extreme weight loss method that involves creating a pouch in the stomach that can only hold close to an ounce of food. You will end up losing weight after the surgery as you will not want to eat, thanks to the staples on your stomach restricting hunger. But is a very risky method with severe consequences to your body.

Insulin Abuse

You might not want to do this on yourself, denying your body insulin in order to lose weight in the process. This method can lead to death if not horrible consequences. Insulin is needed, especially if you are diabetic, as it is highly required in your body to keep you alive. So insulin abuse is an extreme weight loss method that is dangerous, as weight loss occurs very fast leading to internal damage to the liver, bladder, and kidneys. Do not ever try this method.


Another popular but extreme way of losing weight is liposuction. Many weight losers are more than ever going for liposuction. It is readily available but dangerous. There is a lot of extreme bruising in the process, as liposuction entails inserting a narrow [hot] tube under the skin, through a tiny incision, that burns the layer of fat and sucks it out to a jar. This process is repeated all over your body making it an extreme weight loss method that you shouldn’t try.

Extreme weight loss pills

While it is an extreme way of losing weight, it screams addiction. If you will not get addicted to appetite oppressing pills, you will certainly die from them. An addiction to these pills can quickly dispatch you to your maker, thanks to palpitations, chest pains, dry mouth, and serious high blood pressure side effects. Extreme weight loss pills will cost you a fortune treating all kinds of diseases if not bringing you damaging lung diseases.

More Extreme Ways of Losing Weight

Regular Intake of (Strong) Laxatives. Taking laxatives regularly exposes you to high levels of danger, with a low chance of success on losing weight. This extreme weight loss method causes your body to lose a lot of fluids thus instigating weight loss. You will look, even feel skinner but you will be reducing your lifespan drastically.

Taking strong laxatives regularly forces food out of the body, so the absorption of food into your system will not happen. And you stand zero chance of surviving since dehydration will, of course, kick in and eventually you will die.

Extreme Weight Loss Methods

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