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Laxatives To Lose Weight

laxatives to lose weight

When you need to shed a few pounds, no doubt you want all the help you can get. It’s very hard to do this on your own, which is why you may wonder if you should use laxatives to lose weight.

While this is everyone’s personal decision, it’s good to consider if this is a healthy choice and one that will lead to lasting weight loss. Consider a few tips you’ll want to note.

They work if you’re constipated

One reason to consider using laxatives to lose weight overnight or bloated because you’re constipated. If you have problems with your digestive system or elimination, this can cause bloating around the midsection as the stomach and intestines expand when you cannot properly digest your food.

Using laxatives as directed can help you to move food and waste through your system so that you lose weight and inches around your belly. If you notice that your weight gain is accompanied by digestive disorders and the uncomfortable feeling that comes with being constipated, you might consider using laxatives.

They work for short-term weight loss

It’s never good to consider using laxatives to lose weight for any length of time, as they can interfere with your body’s healthy abilities to digest food and move waste through your system.

If you feel bloated and uncomfortable from being constipated, you might use laxatives until your system has cleansed itself and you no longer feel bloated. However, laxatives are not supplements to be used consistently and they can cause extreme damage to your health if you use them too often.

They shouldn’t be used if you’re not eating enough

Laxatives cause food to be broken down and forced through the digestive system, but if you’re not eating enough they can cause cramps and dehydration because there is no food to move through your intestines. If you’re already on a restrictive diet, you don’t want to use laxatives at all.

Always drink lots of water when using laxatives

Laxatives can cause the stomach to contract and expand in order to break down food and when it does this, moisture and hydration are absorbed. Always drink lots of water if use laxatives to lose weight.

This will help them to work more effectively and can also ensure you don’t do any damage to your digestive system or your stomach.

Over the counter laxatives

  • Dulcolax
  • Fleet
  • Senokot
  • Cascara
  • Ex-Lax
  • Castor oil
  • Aloe

5 Weight Loss Tips To Lose Weight Fast

You can easily get weight loss tips from your colleagues, gym buddies, Facebook friends, or family members, but most of these tips are ineffective.

laxatives to lose weight

Therefore, to lose those extra pounds without starving or ditching your social life, you must follow the weight loss plan that you can live with, day in and day out. Here you will find five tips for weight loss that are highly effective and easy to follow.

#1. Lose weight with water

Drinking 6 to 8 glass of plain water per day is a great way to lose weight naturally. It’s commonly known that water is a remarkable way to get rid of toxins from your body.

Drinking water first on an empty stomach when you wake-up in the morning not only boosts your metabolism and provides more energy the whole day but also helps to lubricate your body system.

By drinking water 10 to 15 minutes before each meal you can reduce your craving for food. Studies have shown that false alarm can be triggered by hunger receptors if you are dehydrated. Therefore, drinking water before a meal will make you feel full faster and thus limiting your consumption of calories.

#2. Choosing the right diet plan

Most people resist change, which is the primary reason behind the failure of most diet plans. However, if you choose the diet plan that fits your personality and lifestyle, then the chances of creating a successful diet plan are dramatically increased.

You must know that every diet plan has its unique features and a core strategy that you must follow with the discipline to get fast and effective results.

Although most diet plans restrict you from eating certain foods, there are some plans like the Paleo Diet that have a long list of restricted food items as compared to other plans.

Therefore, if the food items allowed in the diet plan doesn’t suit your lifestyle or personality, then you should not follow that plan. For example, if you have a gluten allergy, it’s advised that you should stay away from diet plans that require carbohydrates as the main source of calories.

Having a structured diet plan would mean that you eat in fixed times. However, if you like freedom and decide to follow an unstructured diet plan, then choose food items accordingly.

#3. Include a weight loss supplement in your diet plan

One of the most common downsides of dieting is the decrease in the intake of overall caloric consumption, which leads to a feeling of tiredness and sluggishness.

To get over this downside you should supply the optimum amount of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other compounds to your body. The best way to achieve this objective is by including natural weight loss supplements in your diet plan.

Choosing the right supplement that will fasten your weight loss results requires careful study of available supplements.

There are many things you should consider before choosing the right supplement like its price, do you have any allergy from its ingredients, and does it have any general side effects? Always get detailed information about weight loss supplements from impartial resources.

Remember that different supplements work better for different diet and exercise plans. However, don’t expect supplements to do all the work as they are just a “supplement” and not a “replacement.”

#4. Have a workout plan

Almost all weight loss tips providers suggest doing regular exercise. However, the frequency and continuity of exercising are important. Therefore, it’s important to choose the exercises that you are comfortable with and are more likely to follow with full commitment. It’s better to start with a few and easy exercises.

Always include cardiovascular workout and strength training in your workout plan and as you get familiar with them include weightlifting and other crunches. Don’t get exhausted by doing exercises and get good full-night sleep. If you are having problems in starting to exercise regularly, then try taking a good supplement to kick start your workout plan.

#5. Over planning is not good

When you are deciding on a weight loss plan that includes a diet plan and a workout schedule, it implies you might have to change your eating habits and daily schedule.

Although, proper planning would make sure that your weight loss plan is well organized, over planning could lead to complex routines that are difficult to follow. Discipline is following the weight loss plan is most important.


The weight loss tips mentioned above can help you in making a highly effective weight loss plan. However, you must remember that it will be easier to follow a weight loss plan when you are comfortable with the changes.

It will also make it easier for you to maintain those changes as your good habits and keep your weight loss results permanent.

Laxatives To Lose Weight

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