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Weight Loss During Pregnancy

Weight Loss During Pregnancy

It’s good to discuss the effects of weight loss while pregnant. Naturally, pregnant women tend to add weight. According to medical experts, pregnant women are encouraged to add weight. Even those who weigh slightly more than normal are encouraged to gain weight.

What? Encouraged to add weight while weighing more than normal? Yes, that’s what medical experts say. However, can pregnant women lose weight? Or are there any conditions that required that they lose weight? Let’s talk about this in the next couple of paragraphs.

During pregnancy weight gain

Even if you have to gain weight while pregnant, there are certain things you can do to prevent unnecessary weight gain. Let’s highlight them here…

Caution! Never attempt to diet while pregnant. A weight loss program is right for people who weigh more than normal, however, you need to consult your doctor before you make the final decision. Only your doctor can encourage you to lose weight while pregnant. Keep that in mind and don’t attempt to starve yourself while pregnant.

Dieting during pregnancy could have serious negative effects on your baby. The baby could be deprived of the essential nutrients needed for proper growth.

How to weight loss during pregnancy

If at all you need to lose weight while pregnant, the normal time is during the first trimester. For those who are overweight, minor weight loss may be normal during this period. But you need to be sure it’s not going to affect your baby.

What if you notice drastic weight gain while pregnant, should you keep it that way? The only person that can recommend for you is your doctor or dietician. Pregnancy is a delicate thing and you need to be extra cautious in whatever you do.

Importantly, you need to understand your caloric needs. During pregnancy, women need a few extra calories to maintain healthy growth. It’s good to know the recommendation before you decide on what you eat. Unhealthy weight gain during pregnancy may be associated with more calorie consumption.

Weight Loss During Pregnancy

Your weight before pregnancy is also important, as it helps you determine whether to gain weight or to lose weight.
The most important thing during pregnancy is to eat healthily. Even if your doctor recommends that you need to gain weight, you don’t need to eat junk. Eat small but healthy meals at regular intervals. Eating little but frequent meals will help you maintain a healthy weight.

During pregnancy weight loss

Empty calories are discouraged during pregnancy. The reason is that it does not provide any nutrients for your baby. Additionally, it contributes to unhealthy weight gain. You should also avoid refined sugars. Deserts, soft drinks, whole milk, fried foods, and fatty cuts of meat are the major source of solid fats and refined sugar.

It’s advisable to do light exercise during pregnancy. In addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight, it keeps you fit and smart. Averagely, healthy pregnant women should get 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week. Exercise during pregnancy also improves the quality of sleep, relief pregnancy aches, and lower the risk of complications.

More importantly, avoid activities that can affect your baby. Be extra cautious and avoid activities like scuba diving, horseback riding, kickboxing, and so on.

Weight Loss During Pregnancy

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